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WQAS-CB Cutting Type Sewage Submersible Pump



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WQAS-CB Cutting Type Sewage Submersible Pump
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<p>Attractive appearance, stainless steel intensified barrel, high friction and corrosion resistance;</p> <p>304 stainless steel welding on pump rotor spindle, reduces friction and corrosion during long term working;</p> <p>Large runner centrifugal structure pump body, increases waste water carrying capability and prevents blocking;</p> <p>Double mechanic sealing with framework sealing on water pump, ensures high water-proof performance;</p> <p>Through-hole structure oil cylinder room with spongia filters impurities, protects the inner sealing device, eliminates the effect of impurity on the pump and increases the service life;</p> <p>Double layer sealed pump cable, reliable cable water-proof port, any broken section of the cable sinking into the water will not lead to water leakage into the motor;</p> <p>High strength cutting blade can efficiently cut or slice impurities and prevent the runner from blocking;</p> <p>Overload and default phase protection prevent the pump from burning;</p> <p>The pump has acquired multiple national patents;</p> <br> <p style="color:#4daf40;font-size:18px;">PUMP/MOTOR CONFIGURATION:</p> <p>Cast iron pump body, special electrophoresis rust-proof upper cap;</p> <p>Stainless intensified motor barrel;</p> <p>304 stainless steel welding spindle;</p> <p>Centrifugal closed type large runner cast iron impeller;</p> <p>High precision and efficiency bearing;</p> <p>Immersion paint copper winding;</p> <p>Inner overheat protection device;</p> <p>Insulation grade: B;</p> <p>Protection level: IP68;</p> <br> <p style="color:#4daf40;font-size:18px;">OPERATION CONDITION:</p> <p>The pump can be continuously functional under the conditions below;</p> <p>Media temperature no more than + 50℃;</p> <p>PH value of media shall be around 5-8.5;</p> <p>Maximum solid impurity 1%, maximum input media density 1.2xlO3kg/m3;</p> <p>Power source frequency 50Hz, power voltage 380V, voltage fluctuation ranges ±10% of rated value;</p> <p>Diving dept no more than 5m;</p> <br> <p style="color:#4daf40;font-size:18px;">PRODUCT APPUCATION:</p> <p>The pump is widely applied in industr, agriculture,mine construction city administration and environment protecton. It is the ideal device for pumping slurry, mortar, wastewater, excrement and liquid containing short fiber,paper, sand or other impurities and country pond irrigation, drainage and dredging;</p>
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